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Written for Survivors of Childhood Traumas

For information about the piano score, contact Toni at


"My Little Heart, Ruthie is an

inspirational book. . . I was truly moved by what I read."

- Rosie Malezer, Readers Favorite

"Poetic cure for the loneliness of feeling less than whole."

- Jessica Hernandez, Bookshop West

"This is an amazing children's book in which the words sing . . . It opens the heart and the mind to who a person truly is . . . There is an accompanying CD with divine music to play as you read the book which deepens the experience to an entirely different level . . . "

- Sandra Jeffs, Author

"It's a touching story set to musical scores that mirror the emotions expressed in the lyrics.  Tenderly recited, Jannotta shows a sensitivity for the lyrics that translates into real life.  Ruthie is in everyone . . . It's a story that both parent and child will find opens their consciousness."

- Susan Francesny,

"My Little Heart, Ruthie is poetic and powerful. Illustrations by Jennifer Mones and an accompanying jazz CD with narrative give the reader a work of art that stirs the soul."

- Author Susan L. Schoenbeck

"Deeply touching and imaginative, this is a project to savor."

- Grady Harp, Amazon Hall of Fame Top 500 Reviewer

"Ruthie's story sheds sympathetic light on the secret suffering of abuse victims . . . [Ruthie] encourages and inspires . . . "

- Barbara Scott, Publishers Weekly


"Jannotta has masterfully composed a musical suite . . . What a glimmering gift for your child to experience, and one I am certain will touch the sentiment in you at the same time."

- Jeff Becker, Jazz Sensibilities

" . . . the idea to portray Ruthie and Clyde as hearts clarifies how important feelings are . . . Kindness heals every wound . . . Music is one of the most powerful sources of inspiration, as it teaches one to love, hope, and dream . . . Even through I am not a child anymore, I was touches by this delicate and charming story."

- Astrid Iustulin, Readers Favorite

"Something different for the child in all of us."

- Sylvannia Garutch, The Jazz Word

"Jannotta has artfully brought together the best of both worlds in sound and word, for a lasting resonance, both in music and pen. A bedtime story, yes – but one with larger implications and wrapped in a jazz sonic . . ." - Constance Tucker All About Vocals

" Jannotta's suite is filled with poignant, heartfelt movements . . . Each player eloquently contributes their instrument voices, but most of all it is Jannotta's suite writing that shines above all else . . . Lately with the climate of hatred growing in our society, this was a breath of fresh air that reached beyond the lines trending news and delved into the subject of being human."

- Bea Willis, Five Finger




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