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"Voices of the Homeless" was a special live performance presented in Ventura, California in 2010. It brought together people who had experienced Homelessness with Jazz Improvisers. In this performance, however, the Homeless were the stars of the show and the Jazz Improvisers were their back-up band. All the stories, spoken in their own special way, were written by the Homeless Storytellers. All music, with the exception of "High Tide, Low Tide," written and performed by Storyteller Dan Flowers, was original and played in the moment by some of the best Jazz Musicians in Los Angeles and Ventura Counties.


These stories and these musicians brought such a unique look at life to the audience that I felt these people and this music was worth sharing with a larger audience than the 100 or so people who were there that afternoon in Ventura.

I made this documentary to open the minds of anyone who believes that all the Homeless are the same, and to share the magical sensitivity of the Jazz Improviser. The video goes on stage with the performance as well as behind the scenes with the storytellers, musicians, and audience, after the curtain came down.

My documentary is approximately 35 minutes long and it is filled with unique music and amazing people who can teach us a thing or two about life because of their struggles. 

I hope you will share this documentary. 

Thank you for watching.

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